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My go to beauty routines for an "on the go" lifestyle

For anyone living in NYC, whether you are a student, intern, model, photographer, stylist, and the list goes on... We all know that feeling of constant moving, and hectic nature NYC tends to hold. While its magical, it can also ware on your skin. Here are some easy beauty routines I have learned through work and life.

First things first: Have a night time routine and a day time routine for your skin. In the past I would make the mistake of changing my skincare routine according to how my skin was looking that day. While that can be helpful for pesky zits and pop up blackheads, but just because you have one zit on your cheek one day does not mean your T zone is your trouble area. I personally suffer from dry skin and mild rosacea. With harsh winters, dirty subway rides and endless amounts of different make up constantly smeared onto my face, I have found that having a great night time routine has helped my skin significantly.

Nighttime Products:

Origins Overnight Avocado Mask

Prestidge Beaute Ageless Skin Serum

L'occitane Comforting Cream - Ultra Rich

Collagen Pills

Morning Products:

Sunscreen (the MOST important)

Prestidge Beauté Agless Skin Serum

For women who don't want to use concealer and want sunscreen I highly recommend Alastin Skincare

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