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3 fitness routines to give a try

Before I jump into three fitness routines one must give a try, I think it is important to give some background on who I am and how my fitness goals and lifestyle have evolved throughout my life. I have always been athletic, strong, and willing to try any and all different types of physical activity. As a kid I would rotate sports through the seasons from soccer, to basketball, to swimming, to track, and the list goes on; bottom line I was always moving and dedicated to sports. Through my adolescent years I refined my taste and love of physical activity to more particular sports. I was a cross country runner for 2 years of high school then switched to volleyball, where I lead my team as captain to the state championship and won Vermonts 2014 title. My winter sport was basketball. And man, did I put in the hours to lead a very successful team to another state championship in 2013 and 2014. In 2014 I was captain with 3 other teammates, and til this day we talk to one another like nothing has changed, and thats 5 years later.

With all that background in team oriented sports, I came into adulthood wanting to try more fitness routines that were in tune with a community feel. I want a workout that sculpts and tones my body, and routines that not only satisfy me physically, but feed my mind body and soul.

Like anyone, I like to switch up my fitness routine. I am a class oriented learner and do-er, so you will rarely ever see me at the gym going hard on a treadmill. I am also not a slow class oriented person, so yoga is quickly ruled out in my book. BUT I have given it a try or two, because like anything, the only way to learn is to try.

1. This may seem so simple: long walks. Not meandering around walking in circles for 15 minutes and classifying it as a walk, but a walk for at least 30 minutes to a certain destination. I like to plug in my headphones, turn on a podcast (How I Built This, Almost 30, Dressed) and just go. I listen to at least one or two podcasts when I walk, or nothing at all. I have found that a simple walk can lead to a lot of clarity, lengthening, and I may even stumble upon hidden gems like parks, shops, and restaurants.

2. For the women out there: Barre classes. I will forever be hooked on any CorePower, Barre3, Fithouse Sculpt, and Purebarre classes. All barre classes (specifically Purebarre, my personal favorite) have a community feel and fast pace, targeted workouts that work your arms, glute's, thighs, and abs. Barre classes forever changed my posture, my strength in both my core and my thighs. Not only do I feel and look great, the positive environment is infectious in all these classes.

3. A HIIT class. HIIT classes are usually young, fun, and full of energy. There are a couple I have given a try in NYC including Fithouse, Switch Playground NYC, 30/60/90, ToneHouse, SweatShed by Crunch, and Project by Equinox. HIIT classes are high intensity interval training where you give your all or nothing in intense bursts of exercise. This plays to the competitive side of my fitness training. I love to be in a room with a lot of other people all pushing themselves to their 100%. There is something so satisfying walking out of a hard workout that only takes up about 40 minutes of your day.

I hope people who read this find it helpful. And if not, everyone has / will find their own exercise regimen! At the end of the day, it is what your body is telling you what it needs. If you are an ex-competitive athlete like myself, it brings peace of mind to stay active everyday. So, give a long walk, a barre class and a HIIT class a try! I promise you will not regret it.



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