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a brief biography

Amanda hails from Shelburne Vermont. Amanda grew up outside in a rural setting and loves outdoor activities. Her passion for health and wellness has stemmed from a life-long love of athletics. Growing up, Amanda competed in cross-country running and track, swimming and soccer. In high school, Amanda’s teammates elected her the captain of her basketball team. During her junior and senior years, the team won the Division One State championships after going undefeated their entire season. After high school, Amanda found a love for different types of exercise, and now mainly participates in Barre and HIIT classes, as well as running, skiing, hiking and swimming whenever she can.  
Amanda started modeling while getting her dual major,Marketing and Communications degree, from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. While a student at Charleston, Amanda spent a year abroad in Milan attending the Italian school, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. This decision allowed Amanda to increase her modeling exposure while she completed her degree. 
Amanda has a versatile, clean, “American” look. Her athletics and rural background allow her to channel the girl next door. Her time in Milan, Charleston and New York enable her to model sophistication and everything in between.
Amanda takes her work seriously. On set, she is professional, courteous, prompt and focused. She is also infectious, loving, and bubbly. She is honored to represent clients’ brands and works hard on their behalf. Amanda prides herself on her repeat clients. 

In her spare time, Amanda likes to cook, draw and listen to podcasts. Her passion for female empowerment and acceptance is showcased through attending various “fireside” chats throughout NYC, she is philanthropic and regularly gives blood to American Red Cross, as well as an active participant in DEED.

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